Age: 5-10 years / 3 months per level / 1.5 hrs per week
The Nine Islands Abacus program is designed to improve overall brain development in little children.

We follow The Soroban Abacus Model where the mental exercises are designed to stimulate photographic memory development. This mathematical technique helps increase concentration, focus, fast thinking, and builds confidence along the way.

The Abacus tool provides countable beads for children to visualize numbers on a base-10 system. It is used for addition, subtraction and the related operations of multiplication and division. The functionality of the device takes the upper hand against boredom. It is easy to understand for beginners. Both hands are used to perform calculations, prompting both hemispheres of the brain and thus supporting the fine-tuning of motor skills. As children progress in each level of the course, they are able to tackle large numbers mentally without needing calculators, pens or paper.

Vedic Mathematics

Grade 5th and onwards / 1 hr every week / 3 months per level
This system of calculation was originally born in the Vedic Age and was deciphered during the start of the 20th century. This system has a sound base in Indian Vedas and owes its rediscovery to Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji Maharaj.

The simplicity of Vedic Mathematics goes hand in hand with mental calculations. Students have the ability to invent their own methods, i.e. they are not limited to one ‘correct’ method. This elevates interest, intelligence, reasoning, and overall academic performance among pupils.

Nine Island’s approach of delving into Vedic Mathematics increases ability to retain attention upon one item for extended periods of time and self assurance. Being so straight-forward, it enhances mental calculation and makes it ideal for the age groups that haven’t had abacus training in their early years. Without a doubt, it is well-suited to advance one’s mathematical field and be instrumental in school tests.

Art and Craft

Creating art is an outlet for self-expression and communication. This channel of creativity can be sought as a sort of meditation while simultaneously improving the right brain. Our program has age appropriate art and craft activities inspired from both modern and folk art. Those in our program have the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics, tools, and techniques with experienced and professional Artists. Once achieving the desired and admirable outcome, our artists can relish the joy of bringing it home, into their spaces, as a reminder of their accomplishments and experiences.