Pretend Plays

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Highlights

Pretend Plays opens the word of imagination to kids. Children who engage in pretend play have greater imagination, language skills, social skills and increased ability to know what others mean. It weaves the complex elements of life into their understanding. For example, putting on a chef hat and standing behind a kitchen toy set can be the gateway to imagining the sizzling of foodstuffs, the colorful mix of vegetables, and even paper as evenly chopped fruit! It allows them to digest life, in this case, the work of chefs, and make it their own. It is a refreshing and enlivening part of a healthy childhood. It is exciting to watch them engage in make-believe play, where objects seem to be in a constant state of transformation. Starting so early, surely, a fascinating development will take place upon reaching the older Kindergarten age. I have observed, such children are able to play out a situation with no or minimum props as they are able to see the images clearly in their minds’ eyes.